Why Having Different Sized Water Bottles Is So Important For Different Parts Of Your Day

While humans can last for weeks without eating, after only a few days without drinking water most people will start to suffer severe reactions. That should really emphasise just how important drinking water regularly should be but in a modern environment, but with many distractions and alternative options, it is easy to forget to drink water. The best way to remind yourself to keep drinking water is to carry water bottles with you. Not only does this stop you from having to buy new, disposable water bottles every time you are out, but it helps you regulate your intake, and that is why different activities require different water bottles.

1.5 Liter Watter Bottles - Daily Use

There is a variety of scientific evidence out there that suggests men and women need to drink between 2-3 litres of water a day. While that may seem like a lot when you start to carry around your 1.5 litre water bottles around with you throughout your commute, work, lunch and at home you can easily go through it just from constant usage. When you have water around it is almost instinctual that you will drink it, even if you don't consciously make that choice. Refilling these 1.5 liter water bottles once a day is easy and you might be shocked that you end up doing it more than the recommended minimum!

600ML Water Bottles - Exercise

When you are doing basic exercises as part of your regular health and fitness routine, then the last thing you want to do is to be burdened by a large and heavy accessory. Running, walking, stretching, weight training and so on will all make you thirsty, but it can actually be bad for your health to drink too much while exercising. 600ML water bottles provide that perfect middle ground where you get more than enough hydration to replenish what your body loses while also not being too heavy to carry around. 

350ML Water Bottles - Sleeping

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling extremely thirsty? Your body still burns fuel at night and if you didn't drink anything in the hours preceding your sleep then it is easy to see how you could get parched even while doing no physical activity. However, you also don't want to drink too much and have to constantly be going to the bathroom during the night. Keeping 350ML water bottles on your bedside table gives you that quick access to refreshing water while also not making you need to go to the bathroom later on. A great trick is to freeze the water in this bottle during the day and then leave it to thaw while you sleep. When you want that water it will be icy cold and be absolute bliss, especially during summer! 

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