Savoury Elegance: Catering for Corporate Venues

Corporate events require a different kind of catering than personal occasions. These events need specific delicacies to be served that are both delicious and sophisticated. As the host or event planner, you may prefer to hire a professional catering company to take care of the job. This post will guide you through the process of catering for corporate venues, detailing how to choose the right menu, the importance of presentation, and staff etiquette.

1. Menu Planning:

When planning a menu for a corporate event, you need to take account of factors like event duration, attendees' food preferences, and time of day. Start off with appetizers and these can be finger foods that are easy to handle or bite-sized nibbles. Move on to the main dishes, which should include options for vegetarian, gluten-free and meat eaters. Dessert options can range from small portions of cakes to more customary treats like chocolates and mints.

2. Presentation Matters:

Food presentation is critical in catering for corporate venues, as it adds a touch of sophistication and elevates the catering experience. Incorporating the event theme into your food presentation is always a plus. For instance, if your event has a corporate theme, consider adding dishes shaped like briefcases or tie pinches to the menu. The manner in which food is displayed and served is also significant. Consider the setup, table linen, cutlery, and condiments to add a touch of class to your catering.

3. Staff Etiquette:

Staff members are an essential part of the catering team, and their behaviours reflect both on the catering company and the event. Ensure that the staff are courteous, professional and impeccable in their dress code. Make sure they understand their roles at the event and hygiene standards for handling food. Provide sufficient staff for the event size, and confirm with your catering company how many will be attending.

4. Choosing the Right Catering Company:

Choosing the right catering company plays a key role in ensuring that the event's catering is satisfactory. Some key factors to consider include their experience, their specialty, company reviews and availability. Take a look at the company's menu variety to guarantee that their selection aligns with your event theme, and check whether or not they offer customizable menus, in case you require some specific meal choices.

5. Budgeting:

Costing is an essential part of catering for corporate events. Avoid going over budget by choosing a catering company that provides full transparency in its pricing. That will help you stick to your budget by eliminating unnecessary offers that you do not require. In some cases, the catering company may offer packages at reduced rates that cater to the event's theme or size, so be sure to ask if any discounts are offered.

Catering for corporate events demands a more sophisticated approach when compared to other events. Proper planning, presentation, staff etiquette, company choice and budgeting are critical factors for a successful catering experience.

For more info, contact a local catering company. 

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