4 Reasons to Switch From Chopped to Crushed Garlic in Your Restaurant

Whether you're a chef yourself, or you're going on your head cook's recommendation, you've probably heard that hand-chopping garlic is the way to the best-tasting meals. However, you may be surprised to learn that crushed garlic can be just as good for you and your patrons—if not better. Here are four reasons to consider switching from chopped to crushed garlic in your restaurant.

1. It's more intensely flavourful

A strong hit of garlic flavour can really take a dish to the next level, but that means chopping a lot of garlic. That leaves you with a dilemma: compromise on flavour, or spend extra time and money getting a dish right.

Crushed garlic, on the other hand, has a more intense flavour. This is because crushing garlic cloves releases more sulphur, one of the enzymes that give garlic its pungent yet delicious flavour. Since crushed garlic tastes stronger, you can use less of it in your dishes.

2. It's quicker to prepare

Given that garlic is a staple ingredient in so many recipes, you're probably chopping a lot of it at your restaurant. Naturally, this can be a particularly time-consuming task for your chefs, taking up valuable minutes that could be spent elsewhere.

Crushed garlic, on the other hand, is already prepared for you. All your chefs need to do is scoop out the desired amount from the jar or bucket—no-knife work is required.

3. It's more cost-effective

A whole tub of pre-crushed garlic may cost more than a bushel of fresh cloves, but you'll save money in the long run. Not only does crushed garlic last a long time, but you can use far less of it to achieve the same flavour. Plus, if you use a particularly large amount of garlic in your restaurant, your distributor will likely offer you an even better wholesale deal. All in all, it's a win for your bottom line.

4, It's more consistent

Ever had a patron complain that one of your dishes doesn't taste as good as it did the last time they visited? If your chefs are chopping garlic by hand, this discrepancy could be caused by inconsistency. No matter how skilled your chefs are, it's hard to chop and measure garlic exactly the same every time.

With crushed garlic, on the other hand, the texture is always consistent. So, you can be confident that each dish will taste exactly the same, giving your patrons a great experience each and every time. 

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