Three Everyday Tasks That You Probably Didn't Realise Use Dry Ice

Dry ice is often thought of as only a substance used in children's magic shows and science experiments, but it has a lot of uses in many different industries. Even in your own home, dry ice is often used for simple tasks that you would not expect. These areas range from construction and maintenance to food preparation and everything in between. If you have been thinking about doing any of the following household tasks, why not incorporate some dry ice into them? You may be surprised at just how effective it is.

Car Bodywork

Dry ice is sometimes used to pull out dents and dings from vehicles, but only in specific circumstances. This is generally done on metal areas and requires a bit of light as well. First, place the dent in direct sunlight so that its overall temperature increases before you quickly replace that heat source with the dry ice. This rapid change in temperature will cause the metal to revert back to its primary state, which is what you want. Some panel beaters and smash repair mechanics keep dry ice for exactly this reason, although it is becoming a little bit more rare.


Carbon dioxide is a key ingredient for plants to grow quickly, and gardeners worked out a long time ago that dry ice can have very beneficial qualities for the growth of their beloved plants. Instructions vary from plant to plant, but generally, all you need to do is provide a little bit of carbon dioxide around the area of your chosen plant and let it really sink into the soil. Do not apply it directly to the plant, and do not put too much dry ice into the vicinity or you will freeze the ground and roots. However, if you get this just right, it can lead to an exceptionally beautiful flowering of your plants due to the increased presence of carbon dioxide. 

Camping Trip

It is very hard to keep items cool when you are in the great outdoors, which makes dry ice so inherently valuable for those who are going camping. Not only can it be used in an esky to chill your meat, drinks and any medical supplies you might have, but it can also be used for things like fishing. If you are out on the water and will be for quite some time, then the best way to keep your fish from getting spoiled is to put it in a container cooled by dry ice. Basically, if you want some type of temperature control when camping, dry ice is a useful tool. 

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