Six Tips For Choosing the Right Wedding Caterer

There are so many choices to make when you are planning your big day that it can be easy to overlook just how crucial the caterer will be. Some people will take the recommendation of the venue that they hire or rely on the previous experience of their wedding planner. However, it is always worth asking around for recommendations because some wedding caterers are not necessarily well-known or the first choice in a particular location may be able to provide you with something extra special. But, what are the sorts of things you should be looking for in a wedding caterer?

1. Previous Experience

If you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, then hiring a catering firm with prior experience is essential. However, sometimes corporate caterers can do a fantastic of handling a wedding even though some of the details they might need to focus on may differ a little.

2. Drinks Menus

A lot of focus will go on the menu with a wedding plan but remember to think about drinks, too. Will your wedding caterer provide a bar service or only serve drinks at tables? Will they offer branded drinks or lower-cost alternatives? These are questions you need to have answered in advance.

3. Children's Catering

If you are not inviting children to your wedding, then this will not be an issue. However, it can be a good idea to ask about children's catering even if kids will be served the same menu as adults. Reductions in portions size may be appropriate and could save you money.

4. Serving Staff

Some catering firms have their own serving staff and some do not. It is important to work out what is on offer before you book, especially if you will need to hire separate waiting staff nearer to your big day. This is something that can be stressful if it turns out there are not the number of people available to serve you'd like.

5. Menu Tasting

The quality of the food that will be served is one of the key elements of any wedding breakfast. As such, you should ask whether the wedding caterer you are considering provides taster menus that you and your partner can try out in advance.

6. Budget

Finally, you need to set a budget for your catering firm to work to. Ask what they can provide for a given figure rather than always accepting a set level of service provision since this will often lead to more a tailored service. 

Contact a wedding catering service for more information.

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