How To Plan Catering For Your Event

Catering is arguably one of the most critical event preparation activities. It is especially so since guests will never forget bad food. So, how do you organise catering to ensure guests enjoy good food at your party? Below are some expert tips. 

Know The Guest Count

It would be ignorant for you to plan an event without knowing the number of guests that will attend. The caterer needs the guest count to ensure that there is sufficient food. Besides, it helps prevent food waste. You should also know if special guests will be coming. For example, VIPs could need special service or a separate service station.  

Create The Menu

Below is a guide to help you as you create the menu: 

  • Consider seasonal foods when creating the menu. It ensures that your event has fresh foods.
  • Include a few varieties for each food class. For instance, other than having meats as proteins, you could also include beans and peas.
  • Avoid foods that cause allergies. For example, you could avoid nuts and gluten products.
  • Take into consideration that some guests are vegetarians.
  • You may want to avoid complicated dishes that take too long to prepare.
  • What temperatures will you serve the foods? Combine foods that are served hot, warm and cold. It ensures the caterer does have to reheat the food every few minutes. 

Organise A Tasting

A few days before the event, ask the caterer to prepare a menu tasting. It will allow you to assess the quality of food to be served at the event. Typically, the tasting should be attended by several people. They should be encouraged to give honest reviews about the food. For instance, they could examine the plating, portion, spices and serving temperatures. The caterer should incorporate their recommendations on the D-day. 

Prepare The Service 

In collaboration with your caterer, decide how you will serve the guests. The seating arrangement could significantly affect the mode of service. For example, buffets will be ideal if the venue is spacious, thus allowing you to have several food stations. If guests will be standing for most of the event, you could opt to serve finger foods using butlered hors d'oeuvres services. Plated service is ideal when the venue does not have sufficient space for a buffet service. Guests receive their foods while seated. 

You should also prepare for unforeseen events such as power outages and rain on D-day. Have backup power and a catering tent to ensure showers do not interrupt the caterers.

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